Today I’m going to share with you some tips from bra maker ThirdLove, who creates stylish and comfortable bras, on how to make wearing a bra a painless and comfortable (as possible) experience

  1. If you feel that the straps are too tight (or too loose), adjust them (simple, right?).
  2. Tighten straps every month or so to make sure they are supportive and snug
  3. The scoop and swoop: gather your girls and make sure each breast is secured into each cup as you pull back on the wire
  4. Go for a snug band to avoid unwanted side boob
  5. Avoid a riding up band: If you can fit two fingers underneath the back of the band, then your band is the right size!
  6. To avoid cup gaping, try adjusting the straps of your bra. If that doesn’t help, consider going down a cup size.

For more helpful tips take a look at the link below with tricks on how to avoid an uncomfortable experience with your bra. Visit for the most comfortable bras and underwear out there!

Bra-blems solution link: file:///C:/Users/Uzochi/Downloads/ThirdLove_Fit%20Issues.pdf



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  1. Yes! And every couple years or so, just go get fitted. Our proportions change as our weight varies. Get fired. Makes a world of a difference, especially since most of us aren’t aware we are already wearing the wrong size, heehee

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