Greetings! I’m starting a new series entitled “what’s on plaitwoman’s clothing rack?” To show you some of the clothes I’m wearing for the week or just some pieces I pulled from my closet as inspo. Here’s my first edition of the series!

I remember being in college on my crappy ass laptop waiting for this collection to drop… and not getting a damn thing 😂. Finding this at Don Don Down was the ultimate recompense. Alexander Wang x H&M 

The shirt that will make you feel like a go-go dancer who didn’t even have to audition. Vintage

Updated modern version of a pimp suit. H&M blazer, vintage shirt

Vintage leather purse that I have little to no intention of wearing out and only bought because it was pretty and ¥500.



Who knew these colors could come together in such a Solange way? (Solange being a synonym for everything beautiful and pure). H&M top, Tommy Hilfiger skirt.

PS… really great news… I’m going to my first official fashion show this Monday! It will be my first Tokyo Fashion week event and I’m super excited to have been invited. I hope to stunt this fashion week and thrive for many more to come 😉




  1. In the words of the Fashion gods. If it is for you, no matter the timing. It is for youuuu!
    that WANG sweater is killer!!
    Yasss, Tokyo Fashion Week, cant waittt! You are gonna slay

    Is the item pictured in the last photo a red skirt? uber cuteeee

    • plaitwoman Reply

      Thank you my fashionable fairy god sister! I’m still creating my outfits for Sunday/Monday’s TFW events 🙂 I’ll be sure to show them all over my insta/blog. And yes its a skirt folded over a hanger!

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