Yesterday was my first experience attending a runway show in Japan! Living in Nagoya for a year, there were no opportunities for me to connect with fashion (or people interested in it) so moving to Tokyo, I wanted to make sure I took advantage of the fashion events specifically during Fashion week (held every March and October in Tokyo).

The first event was the Asia Fashion Collection show, where designers from all over the continent competed for the Grand Prix prize. There were three brands victorious: AH, Fumiku and Epi A La Mode. Check out the video and photos I took below. They aren’t the greatest quality (because I was in the back in the nosebleed section), but I tried my best to capture the essence of the event.

Then to my surprise, after the event was over I found out there were three more shows that were happening in the same building! I got a quick lunch at the local McDonald’s and then rushed back for the next three shows. The first was “promotion show with SIWA, a fashion accessory store in Tokyo. It featured an actor posing as a designer that would assess each models clothing and then send them off to walk the rest of the runway.

The next was called runway wave, which featured crazy and over the top outfits and crazy makeup.

The final show was “Hair Make Explosion”, a collection of outlandish hair style creations couple with dynamic and colorful clothing.

Oh and at the AFC show they were handing out gift bags! I snagged one before they all ran out and got some some free beauty products (let’s just say the foundation is a little too light 😂) and some sweets.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post on the POPULO BATIK S/S 2018 show!



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