​​​My Tokyo Fashion Week(end) ended with a great show put on by Indonesian brand POPULO BATIK. There S/S 2018 collection stuck to a distinct style of long loose fitting tunics and skirts, very basic colors and fabrics and Indonesian head jewelry. The show was split into three elements; Earth, Water,  and People, with the color scheme of each representing the respective elements. The music was very powerful and conveyed a feeling of haunting beauty. The clothes are handcrafted in the traditional Indonesian Batik style, which includes producing colored designs on textiles by dyeing them, having first applied wax to the parts to be left undyed.  Unlike at the Asia Fashion Collection show,  I was comfortably seated this time but it was hard to capture the actual patterns on the clothes which is why I am including a link to pictures and video from the Amazon Tokyo Fashion Week website. Also take a look at the photos and video I captured below!

Where to purchase POPULO BATIK





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