Now I’m not much of a belt person but I definitely have to be because of my disproportionately small waist/hips and large thighs that require me often to go up a size in pants just so I can pull them up over my legs. Though my body shape makes belts a necessity to execute my signature style of tucking my shirts into pants and jeans (I can’t remember the last time I didn’t do so) I often don’t invest much money into them and get them cheap at fast fashion stores such as H&M. That’s till I saw the Off-White belt in orange worn by various celebrities who support Virgil Abloh’s brand. The thing I like about this belt is that it can be worn through belt loops and also used to tie a dress or a suit jacket for a more interesting addition to an ordinary outfit. The price tag is 211 dollars which is something I even have trouble paying for a pair of shoes (I’m cheap y’all). Since getting my part time job/hustle as a fashion tagger I think the extra money might go to this as my first expensive belt purchase.

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    • plaitwoman Reply

      Thank you for taking a look! I’ll definitely check yours out too 🙂

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