My trip to Bali in the form of a moodboard. This is my very first moodboard that features photos taken exclusively by myself. I really feel like through my last two solo trips (Phuket and Bali), I have learned that you don’t need people to enjoy yourself on vacation. All you need is your camera, some money and a positive attitude- you’re going to see this place, you’re going to try this new food, you’re going to meet people from all around the world. And you’ll be so surprised how many people are keen on meeting you (especially if you’re a young and beautiful woman lol). My next vacation is in May and I’m determined to make it an even more eye opening experience and a testament to what I am capable of doing without the help of anyone else.

Enjoy, and always remember, travel and see as much as possible even if you’re alone 🙂 My Looks: Plenty of drinks along the way: Bali you were kind, lets meet again soon.-PW



  1. Especially if you’re a young and beautiful woman lol” -I KNOW THATS RIGHTS

    Okay so Bali is definitely on my list of places im traveling to this year! Im coming to you for questions for both Bali and tokyo! lol xx loved your moodoard, its a feel

    • plaitwoman Reply

      That’s great Fei! I recommend staying in the seminyak area if you go to Bali or Kuta beach because of the shopping mall lol! And please ask me any and every question you have I’m here 🙋🏾

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