My trip to Bali in the form of a moodboard. This is my very first moodboard that features photos taken exclusively by myself. I really feel like through my last two solo trips (Phuket and Bali), I have learned that you don’t need people to enjoy yourself on vacation. All you need is your camera, some money and a positive attitude- you’re going to see this place, you’re going to try this new food, you’re going to meet people from all around the world. And you’ll be so surprised how many people are keen on meeting you (especially if you’re a young and beautiful woman lol). My next vacation is in May and I’m determined to make it an even more eye opening experience and a testament to what I am capable of doing without the help of anyone else.

Enjoy, and always remember, travel and see as much as possible even if you’re alone 🙂 My Looks: Plenty of drinks along the way: Bali you were kind, lets meet again soon.-PW

I had the chance to sit down with jewelry designer Hiromi Yunokuchi and pick her brain about why she decided to start her own jewelry/accessory line. I asked her…

  1. Why did you start making jewelry? I couldn’t find the accessories I wanted in stores so I started making them myself!
  2. How long have you been making jewely? Since I was 25 years old.
  3. Who/what inspires you to create? I’m mostly inspired by what I see in magazines and the latest trends I see in them.
  4. Where do you sell your jewelry? I sell my jewelry twice a year at a handmade market and to friends and co-workers.
  5. What challenges do you face as a designer? Sometimes I struggle to keep up with new ideas for my jewelry. I make so much of it so it’s hard to think of something I haven’t done before.
  6. Do you have any advice to give to someone who wants to start a career in fashion/jewelry design? Just try to do what you love.
  7. What is your price range for your jewelry? The price range is 1000-1500 yen.

Check out Hiromi Yunokuchi’s work below and the photo we snapped together!



After our interview Hiromi gifted me this ring! A very beautiful and classic design.

Now I’m not much of a belt person but I definitely have to be because of my disproportionately small waist/hips and large thighs that require me often to go up a size in pants just so I can pull them up over my legs. Though my body shape makes belts a necessity to execute my signature style of tucking my shirts into pants and jeans (I can’t remember the last time I didn’t do so) I often don’t invest much money into them and get them cheap at fast fashion stores such as H&M. That’s till I saw the Off-White belt in orange worn by various celebrities who support Virgil Abloh’s brand. The thing I like about this belt is that it can be worn through belt loops and also used to tie a dress or a suit jacket for a more interesting addition to an ordinary outfit. The price tag is 211 dollars which is something I even have trouble paying for a pair of shoes (I’m cheap y’all). Since getting my part time job/hustle as a fashion tagger I think the extra money might go to this as my first expensive belt purchase.

Link to purchase


Though there are many in the ranks of shops I could’t afford a couple of years ago (i.e. Nordstrom, Banana Republic and non-sale Topshop items) Nasty gal is one of those online stores I used to fawn over as a broke college student. I would spend a considerable amount of time on their site, looking at Jeffrey Campbell boots, and other brands they use to carry and I used to be obsessed with. Since moving to Japan, the ability to get designer clothing (at amazing prices at that) has been overwhelming and the time I spend looking online for clothes has diminished considerably. This is why it was very strange for me to get curious on one of the nights I couldn’t sleep and see what Nasty Gal had been up to since I took a hiatus from checking their site. What I found was surprising. A 50% off everything sale. EVERYTHING, even sale items. My first thought: go through absolutely everything, collect my tings and run these people their check. My second thought: why is everything on sale like this? Third: What happened to all the recognizable brands that used to be featured? This thought process I just outlined brought me to Google, where I promptly found out that Nasty Gal had filed for bankruptcy, closed its two stores (that I didn’t even know existed, yes PW has been out of the loop concerning any news of the American variety) in LA and had been bought by the same company that owns Boohoo, another fast fashion online retailer. I was a little heartbroken for the company because I knew they had emphasized being what they call a “girlboss” or women who are successful in business and other similar fields. BUT then my thoughts were transported back to the 50% off sale and all was well.  Keep scrolling to see what I came away with!


These earrings are definitely making an appearance on my trip to Bali this Christmas 🙂


These ones too 😀
All my pants, are black or blue (with the exception of my Burberry pants) so I needed some colorful pants.
Fell in love with this 90’s style bikini. For Bali, I really wanted to get a new bathing suit and I knew this one would look great against my skin tone!
I know winter is approaching, but that didn’t stop me from buying this cropped tank. I have laid off wearing crop tops for nearly a year now, and opt instead to wear shirts tucked into high waisted skirts/pants. I liked the tie detail and color of this particular top so I bought it.