Wishlist: Offwhite Industrial Belt

Now I’m not much of a belt person but I definitely have to be because of my disproportionately small waist/hips and large thighs that require me often to go up a size in pants just so I can pull them up over my legs. Though my body shape makes belts a necessity to execute my signature style of tucking my shirts into pants and jeans (I can’t remember the last time I didn’t do so) I often don’t invest much money into them and get them cheap at fast fashion stores such as H&M. That’s till I saw the Off-White belt in orange worn by various celebrities who support Virgil Abloh’s brand. The thing I like about this belt is that it can be worn through belt loops and also used to tie a dress or a suit jacket for a more interesting addition to an ordinary outfit. The price tag is 211 dollars which is something I even have trouble paying for a pair of shoes (I’m cheap y’all). Since getting my part time job/hustle as a fashion tagger I think the extra money might go to this as my first expensive belt purchase.

Link to purchase



Photographer: Lena (IG: lenalyolik)

Stylist: Uzochi Okoronkwo

Nasty Gal Haul 

Though there are many in the ranks of shops I could’t afford a couple of years ago (i.e. Nordstrom, Banana Republic and non-sale Topshop items) Nasty gal is one of those online stores I used to fawn over as a broke college student. I would spend a considerable amount of time on their site, looking at Jeffrey Campbell boots, and other brands they use to carry and I used to be obsessed with. Since moving to Japan, the ability to get designer clothing (at amazing prices at that) has been overwhelming and the time I spend looking online for clothes has diminished considerably. This is why it was very strange for me to get curious on one of the nights I couldn’t sleep and see what Nasty Gal had been up to since I took a hiatus from checking their site. What I found was surprising. A 50% off everything sale. EVERYTHING, even sale items. My first thought: go through absolutely everything, collect my tings and run these people their check. My second thought: why is everything on sale like this? Third: What happened to all the recognizable brands that used to be featured? This thought process I just outlined brought me to Google, where I promptly found out that Nasty Gal had filed for bankruptcy, closed its two stores (that I didn’t even know existed, yes PW has been out of the loop concerning any news of the American variety) in LA and had been bought by the same company that owns Boohoo, another fast fashion online retailer. I was a little heartbroken for the company because I knew they had emphasized being what they call a “girlboss” or women who are successful in business and other similar fields. BUT then my thoughts were transported back to the 50% off sale and all was well.  Keep scrolling to see what I came away with!


These earrings are definitely making an appearance on my trip to Bali this Christmas 🙂


These ones too 😀
All my pants, are black or blue (with the exception of my Burberry pants) so I needed some colorful pants.
Fell in love with this 90’s style bikini. For Bali, I really wanted to get a new bathing suit and I knew this one would look great against my skin tone!
I know winter is approaching, but that didn’t stop me from buying this cropped tank. I have laid off wearing crop tops for nearly a year now, and opt instead to wear shirts tucked into high waisted skirts/pants. I liked the tie detail and color of this particular top so I bought it.

How I made my apartment my home

Ever since the second semester of my sophomore year in college, I’ve had my own room. To many, it might not seem like a big deal, but growing up in a family where you are one of four kids and spent a lifetime in a room with someone else, this was a major change and affected my whole outlook on life. I became more relaxed, more at peace and the big one: (a little) less anxiety. With moving to Nagoya in May of 2016, with my new life, job and passport, came a new apartment. Single occupancy. I was ecstatic. I was ready to decorate and make my apartment my HOME. ideas of colorful bean bag chairs, low coffee tables and art work hanging from the walls filled my head. Until it dawned on me that I was living in a city I did not like one bit which took me about a week.  After the new Japan car smell wore off and I realized how much Nagoya did not match my hopes, dreams and expectations for my life in Japan I felt there was no use to put and homely touches on a place I knew I wouldn’t see myself living for more than  year (the length of my job contract). Towards the end of my year in Nagoya, I had a burst of life into my spirit and I decided to go for it: Tokyo. Where I had originally wanted to be. I first tried to transfer to a Tokyo branch school within my company but they brushed off my request and did not take me seriously. This really sent me over the edge and I went into “Uzochi, you’re going to do this on your own and you’re going to get it if you work hard enough” mode. Every day after work for 2-3 hours, I would search the internet for teaching jobs in Tokyo, and would get no answer. Just as I was starting to give up and reserve myself to going back to Maryland, I got the interview that I was hoping for and one week later, the job! Fast forward to moving into my apartment. I knew Tokyo was somewhere I was going to stay for a least the next two years, so I made it a point to make my apartment look exactly how I wanted my home to look. This started with my clothing rack.


Something I KNEW I wanted in my apartment was this clothing rack. The amount of clothes I have sometimes keeps me from being creative with my outfits and so this rack acts as a visual organizer to help me put things together that I otherwise wouldn’t have.

Books. Having many around keeps me calm and in the house when I need to be. I haven’t been reading as much as I should lately because of me taking plaitwoman.com so seriously and trying to post content at least every other day. I’ll try to find more time to expand my mind with literature.

This jar of colorful stones were collected on a camping trip held by the  company I work for. I shake it sometimes to hear the pretty sound. Not a necessity but it is a nice decoration that provides an added touch to my hibiscus plant that currently isn’t blooming.

Funny story how I happened upon this tapestry. Those cute “open for a surprise” tweets where after  while you expected to open up to an adorable dog or cat. This particular tweet was of the former but one twitter user  inquired about the tapestry hanging on the wall of the photo instead of the canine. I went from there and read through the comments, hoping the user would post the site they got the art from. Luckily they did and the next day I was on Society6.com purchasing the “The One” wall tapestry by artist Sivan Karim. It’s still available and on society6 for 15% off right now!


It’s A Match!

The famous tagline of one of the most popular mobile apps, Tinder. Also the relationship between my powder blue sweater and my flowy midi skirt. I was pleased when I pulled out this new (to me, i.e. Treasure Factory) sweater and gingerly placed it next to the skirt hoping they would match. My prayers were answered when I put both on and couldn’t tell the difference between the color of the two items. Next were shoes. When you have such a feminine color and silhouette what kicks do you pair them with? Tan stilettos? Tall black boots? NOPE. Dirty, overly worn Van’s Sk8-hi sneakers. I bought these shoes around 3 years ago with the express purpose of getting them dirty. Mission accomplished. Check out the photos  and outfit details below!

Sweater: thrift

Skirt: thrift

Shoes: Vans

Rings: thrift

Sunglasses: thrift

basically ya girl knows how to thrift haha


This ring is awesome because when you look at it from the side it appears to be clear. The color on the top really smacks you in the face. 1 dollar at Treasure Factory!


Wishlist: Nike Air Max 95

So I was on Manrepeller.com reading some articles and I came across“Why Ugly Sneakers Are Back: A Theory”  by contributing editor Pandora Sykes (wow love her name btw). It is an expose’ on the dad sneaker trend taking the fashion world by storm. To be honest, I wasn’t particularly eager to put these in my closet and wasn’t impressed when top designers like rappers, athletes and musicians with their dad-inspired footwear. But at the end of the post Sykes included some examples of the trend that I kinda fell in love with a little. One that stood out in particular was the pink Nike Air Max 95 with baby blue highlights. I WANT THIS SHOE and will probably end up getting it at some point, maybe after the next pay day. You can You can find these shoes on mytheresa.com and they retail 174 USD. When I cop them I’ll be sure to put them on all over my Insta!



What’s on Plaitwoman’s Rack?

Greetings! I’m starting a new series entitled “what’s on plaitwoman’s clothing rack?” To show you some of the clothes I’m wearing for the week or just some pieces I pulled from my closet as inspo. Here’s my first edition of the series!

I remember being in college on my crappy ass laptop waiting for this collection to drop… and not getting a damn thing 😂. Finding this at Don Don Down was the ultimate recompense. Alexander Wang x H&M 

The shirt that will make you feel like a go-go dancer who didn’t even have to audition. Vintage

Updated modern version of a pimp suit. H&M blazer, vintage shirt

Vintage leather purse that I have little to no intention of wearing out and only bought because it was pretty and ¥500.



Who knew these colors could come together in such a Solange way? (Solange being a synonym for everything beautiful and pure). H&M top, Tommy Hilfiger skirt.

PS… really great news… I’m going to my first official fashion show this Monday! It will be my first Tokyo Fashion week event and I’m super excited to have been invited. I hope to stunt this fashion week and thrive for many more to come 😉


Store Profile: H BEAUTY&YOUTH

Yesterday I went to Omotesando to have dinner with Sho and right next to the pizza place we went to was one of the most tastefully put together select shops I’ve seen here in Tokyo. The name is just as clean and fresh as the store itself: H BEAUTY&YOUTH. It carried everything from fresh sneakers, to designer fur coats and vintage dresses. The price point is pretty high but I would recommend visiting at least once just to get the experience. They carry many brands such as Toga Archives and Thrasher, but you can shop their original collection online (link below).



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