My trip to Bali in the form of a moodboard. This is my very first moodboard that features photos taken exclusively by myself. I really feel like through my last two solo trips (Phuket and Bali), I have learned that you don’t need people to enjoy yourself on vacation. All you need is your camera, some money and a positive attitude- you’re going to see this place, you’re going to try this new food, you’re going to meet people from all around the world. And you’ll be so surprised how many people are keen on meeting you (especially if you’re a young and beautiful woman lol). My next vacation is in May and I’m determined to make it an even more eye opening experience and a testament to what I am capable of doing without the help of anyone else.

Enjoy, and always remember, travel and see as much as possible even if you’re alone 🙂 My Looks: Plenty of drinks along the way: Bali you were kind, lets meet again soon.-PW

Phuket, Thailand

So after almost two months I FINALLY got around to posting about my lovely trip to Phuket! I had previously posted on my outfit choices during this trip but didn’t really uncover all the new things I ate, saw, did and tried and that’s what this post is all about! Check out my adventures below!


My very nice travel companion Omid! As a lone traveler, its really refreshing to meet people who are also on vacation and who take your picture for you.
This is something I couldn’t have pictured myself doing a couple of years ago. I think I was born with the fear gene that prevents me from taking any risks with my life. This trip was definitely my way of putting fear to rest and living my life to the fullest. Oh and I got to make a nice elephant friend!
I’m not usually someone who enjoys trying new foods, but I have to say the Thai food I tried was DELICIOUS! The soup in the middle of the photo was especially tasty.
baby fall
me thinking to myself “who’s gonna out-clout me dawg?”
Rice and chicken. Love Thai breakfast so much 🙂
When in Phuket, eat Mexican food.
skin isn’t clear but I was still lit that day
Monkey Island! On the specific tour I was on we weren’t permitted to go onto the island and had to take photos from the speedboat. I got this great shot of what looks like a father monkey and his baby 🙂
not sure what I was doing here but I’m liking the overall mood of this picture.
some of the most beautiful scenery on this side of the world. Phi Phi Island is the perfect place for a vacation!
James Bond Island
really enjoyed the night life in Patong and took lots of club bathroom mirror selfies
view from the balcony of my hotel
Really had a great chance to showcase my body this trip and I definitely took advantage with my array of bathing suits. My first time wearing a one piece since childhood!

Thai architecture is beautiful 🌼

I found it odd and very entertaining that they had a Vlad the Impaler portrait hanging in the club. I got this picture before a bouncer promptly told me there were no photos allowed in the after party lounge.

The most beautiful water in the world


The island had me jumping for joy

Riding in the tut tut skrt skrtttt

One of the last photos I snapped before heading for the airport. Phuket was everything I wanted out of a vacation and more. I’ll definitely be back soon ✨

My looks from Phuket 

So hey guys I just recently got back from my vacation in Phuket 🇹🇭! It was awesome and much needed. Along the way I met some really nice people, tried new things and tried to look as bomb as I could without screaming “tourist” with my fits. I don’t usually invest in summer clothing because it’s just not my season for fashion and so the annual H&M 70% sale was a godsend. I bought so many tips and shorts at amazing prices like ¥500 yen a piece! These are some pictures of what I wore during my six days in Thailand!

ASOS black jeans, H&M tank, clout googles
H&M top, skirt and earrings
Swimsuit from Forever 21, sunglasses are Calvin Klein
Shorts: American Apparel, Top: Zara
Shorts: American Apparel, Swimsuit, Earrings: H&M, Sandals: Teva, Clout goggles
Dress: Forever 21, Purse: MCM, Earrings: H&M
Shorts, Bodysuit, Earrings (worn as bracelets): H&M, Purse: MCM
Entire outfit: H&M

Travel: Osaka/Kyoto

So this trip happened months ago but I’ve been so busy moving (yes y’all, I moved to Tokyo!) that I didn’t get a chance to post yet. Here are some of the few pictures I got to take. Surprisingly most of the them were taken at Kyoto station where I was for a job interview. Despite all of the beautiful shrines and temples Kyoto has to offer, all I explored was the station haha. Anyway, enjoy the photos and I’ll be posting an apartment tour (I promise) as soon as I am moved in and settled into my new place! Cheers