Treasure Factory Haul #2

Back at it again with the TFH: Treasure Factory Haul. TF is officially my favorite place to shop, specifically the location in Higashikurume, an 8 minute bike ride from my apartment. I always walk away with quality articles of clothing and one of a kind pieces for extremely low prices. Without further ado, let’s get into what I picked up:


This ring looks like glass and reminds me of minimalistic architecture
Only 98 yen 🙂


I call this my “bubble skirt”. It’s not what I’d typically wear (which is a little ridiculous to say because I don’t have a particular style) but I feel like subconsciously I’ve been gravitating more and more towards more feminine silhouettes. The belt was a surprise and tucked in a plastic bag attached to the skirt and I didn’t open it until I got home.


I like it paired with another belt and some black jeans. I think I’ll wear it like this more often than with the skirt it came with.


Scored this See by Chloe mini skirt for only 750 yen! Its very similar to my H&M skirt that is a staple in my closet, but this fits me a little bit better and has an awesome quilt effect.



This is the perfect shirt that doesn’t have to be tucked in. It’s refreshing as a chronic shirt tucker-inner to have a button down that doesn’t need to be paired with something high waisted.



This tote was only 180 yen and I couldn’t resist the Swedish flag printed on it.


I really love this coat because of the length, checkered pattern and the price. This coat only set me back 980 yen!


Sunglasses, coat, tote are all from Treasure Factory. Paired with some old Adidas Stan Smith and a black dress.



Really excited to be shooting my first official pictures for my styling portfolio this weekend. I’m hoping the pictures come out great!


What’s on Plaitwoman’s Rack?

Greetings! I’m starting a new series entitled “what’s on plaitwoman’s clothing rack?” To show you some of the clothes I’m wearing for the week or just some pieces I pulled from my closet as inspo. Here’s my first edition of the series!

I remember being in college on my crappy ass laptop waiting for this collection to drop… and not getting a damn thing 😂. Finding this at Don Don Down was the ultimate recompense. Alexander Wang x H&M 

The shirt that will make you feel like a go-go dancer who didn’t even have to audition. Vintage

Updated modern version of a pimp suit. H&M blazer, vintage shirt

Vintage leather purse that I have little to no intention of wearing out and only bought because it was pretty and ¥500.



Who knew these colors could come together in such a Solange way? (Solange being a synonym for everything beautiful and pure). H&M top, Tommy Hilfiger skirt.

PS… really great news… I’m going to my first official fashion show this Monday! It will be my first Tokyo Fashion week event and I’m super excited to have been invited. I hope to stunt this fashion week and thrive for many more to come 😉


Birthday Goodies Haul

So yesterday was my 23rd birthday! I celebrated all weekend but on my actual birthday (which is on a Monday) I was in what I like to call “blissful retail solitude” in the hip neighborhood of Shimokita, where I picked up some birthday presents for myself. I have pictures for you to see what I picked up!



The perfect white shirt. The folded picture doesn’t do it justice. Can’t wait to reveal this Issey Miyake masterpiece in an OOTD post coming at ya soon 👀
I saw this in a vintage store in Shimokita and didn’t think twice. This was meant to be mine and I’m saving it to wear in the fall 👻
This sterling silver piece was so gorgeous I had to purchase it even though I usually don’t like spending more than Â¥500 on a piece of jewelry. Maybe this will inspire me to be a rich bitch and invest in more expensive jewelry!
My first YSL purchase! *insert Young Thug ad lib* this vintage clutch will go really well with an all white outfit and cost only ¥5000!

Gorgeous see through vintage shirt perfect for this hot Japanese sun ☀️

Separate post coming on my weekend and what I wore!